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The first library in this church was founded in 1895. It was started in the First Baptist Church building located at First and Walnut Avenue.

The original building included a room first known as the Lecture Room and later as the Library. It was the first room to be occupied in the new building in 1895. The Sanctuary was completed and occupied in 1896.

The first Librarian was Sara Morgan, a teacher in the Miller School in Fairmont, in 1904.

When the new church was constructed on Ninth Street and Fairmont Avenue, no library was provided for us and during the move, many valuable books were lost. However, the adding of an educational unit in 1974 once more provided for a Library. Many hours were spent organizing, recording and cataloging the books and video materials.

At the present time we have a beautiful area with approximately 3,000 categorized volumes, card catalogs, filing cabinets, an adequate desk, recorders, Televisions, record players, video materials, notes on National Baptist News and Conventions, and camp schedules.

The Library is cataloged according to the Dewey Decimal System. A complete accession book record is kept updated in the desk filing drawer.

Classification #1 Dewey Decimal System
000 General
100 Philosophy
200 Religion
300 Social Science
400 Language
500 Natural Science
600 Applied Science
700 Useful Arts
800 Art and Recreation
900 Literature
1000 History

Classification #2

A. General encyclopedia, dictionary, and reference books
B. Languages, including fiction
C. Whole Bibles
D. Old Testament
E. Apocryphal, Lit. and Judaism
F. New Testament
G. Children’s Literature
H. General History
I. General Church History
J. General History Doctrines
K. General Denominational History
L. History by country, church, and politics
M. History by country, church, and politics
N. Missions
O. Comparative Religion
P. Sciences
Q. Philosophy and Ethics
R. Systematic Christian Theology
S. Sociology
T. Education
U. Church: constitutions, orders, law, and worship
V. Music and Hymnology
W. Practical Church Work
X. Religious and Moral Life
Y. Devotional Literature
Z. Fine Arts

Some program materials will not necessarily be of a religious nature. Children’s literature is often about nature, God’s beautiful world or its creatures.

Areas of concern such as family life are related to chosen reading materials.

The Library contains some materials of value to everyone to whom the church seeks to minister. The church has a ministry to people of all ages from the youngest to the oldest. We have secured materials for pre-schoolers; for the active ten-year-old who may be interested in space, snakes, or whatever; for the youth puzzled by complexities of situations and problems they do not understand; and to the adults with their responsibilities and opportunities.

The Library makes an effort to determine that teaching material found here shall be free of racial and religious prejudices, political bias and social injustice. In no way does the Church Library compete with or take the place of a public or school library. They should supplement each other and help meet requests and needs.

Dedicated to the late Mrs. Mary Olive Jones, Librarian